Classical Music by Mark Klatt


Besides my main occupation as computer scientist I've been composing classical music since 4 decades..
Over the time a lot of pieces have been written, from pieces for solo piano up to orchestral works...
As I'm playing piano / organ too I sometimes perform own composed pieces for chosen audience.
To listen e.g. samples of my larger orchestral works you need an user account
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Here now a list of own (with notation) composed classical music pieces


5 Piano Concerts (6th unfinished)
4 Violin Concerts
3 Symphonies (2 unfinished)
1 Opera introduction
1 Concert for Violoncello and Orchestra
3 Symphonic Poems (e.g. Karl Pfeifer Variations based on Hatikva & Hava Nagila theme)
A lot of Piano Solo pieces
Some recordings with Soprano and Piano

Media, Scores and Articles

Austria: Karl Pfeifer Variations (Var No. 1 - 4)
            Variation No. 1 Sample
            Variation No. 2 Sample
Poland: Burreilaux (piano solo)

Canada:  Burreilaux (piano solo)
Argentina: Amorelia (piano solo)
Mexico: Burreilaux (piano solo)

Orchestral Score Sample:
Publical Notation *)

List of Piano Concerts by the Southern Illinois University / Edwardsville - Music Science Dept. (Page 218):

At the list (bottom) you can find some video platforms where you can listen free & changing samples of my classical music.
Latest works and further samples are within the closed area of this website

Mark Klatt, 2020

*) Further notations by me are only available for a live performance with e.g. orchestra and appropriate return to the hard work

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