Professional Encryption Toolkit

Alisah for Linux

Alisah for Linux is a modern, professional encryption toolkit which secures your freedom of speech and communication.

It has 3 different and independent encryption models*) inside:

1. Text Encrpytion with Key (similar to Online Banking)
2. Infiltration Encryption - hide your secret communication within current files like images, soundfiles, documents etc.
3. Alisah Code encryption - integrates complete own developed algorithms. Works at secure systems too....

( Here sample of an easy HEX encryption enhancement class for Alisah, executed at command line -> Code Sample )

( Here further samples of Alisah as e.g. infiltration etc. Alisah Videos )

*) The functionality depends on the version / licence you have -->

  • Boot-Stick with Alisah for Linux

    100% protection, ideal for Windows PCs / Laptops etc. too
    Without any change of your current installed operating system
    Boot your e.g. laptop with one of the leading Linux OS, Linux Mint on USB-Stick*)
    where Alisah is installed as additional app. Do your encryptions, shut down, put stick out and restart your PC as usual
    Every bought USB-Stick brings donation to Linux-Mint project too.
    *) Delivered USB-Stick may differ from pic left...

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  • Question & Answers

    Here you can find answers to your question about Alisah for Linux

    Q & A Alisah
  • Demo videos

    Here you can see a lot of videos with the Alisah toolkit in action. From tutorials up to live demo of the 3 encryption modules...

    Alisah 2.0 Alisah 1.0
  • Licence Model

    Alisah is a professional toolkit which can be unfortuntaley used by criminal groups and worse too. Therefore only registered and approved users can get this toolkit. The intention of Alisah is to keep freedom of communication available, without spy by companies, agencies etc. As registered user your data will be deleted after approvement of legal use and Alisah licence will be delivered... To get Alisah click here....

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