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Alisah for Linux - Question and Answers

Q: For what is Alisah?

A: Here a video which shows the intention for Alisah:

Q: Is Alisah spyware?

A: No, Alisah is developed for personal protection, not for personal damage! It is recommended to use Alisah OFFLINE during encryption and writing messages as well as decryption (no web, no LAN, no WLAN, and esp no Bluetooth)) for best protection.

Q: Why is Alisah not open source?

A: Alisah is a tool for personal protection and peoples freedom, a public algorithm would cause less security and criminals could use it.

Q: Can Alisah analyse virus and malware

A: Yes she can because due to her infiltration algorithm she can look into files...on binary level...Analysis of virus behavior you must do by your skills, Alisah shows only content...

Q: If I have a large text, e.g. document with company secrets, can I search at keywords at this text?

A: Yes

Q: Can I save documents with images with Alisah?

A: At this version NOT - but images can be "destroyed" separately with a PHI infiltration that only Alisah with known PHI factor can restore image. You can send encrypted document and pics seperately

Q: Can other Alisah users decrypt my encrypted files?

A: Yes, at free test-version. If you use professional version, there not, because there you can use TAN encryption, own developed C++ hash matrix e.g., Infiltration with Phi and lot of more parameters. No other even professional Alisah version, and even author can decrypt your message if you secure it with these parameters...

Q: Why is Alisah not publical available for download?

A: I want to know as much as possible who uses Alisah. Don't want to see her as communcation tool for criminal networks to plan their drug transports etc...

Q: Will there be further releases?

A: If there is large interest at Alisah and hard work of author gets its appropriate appreciation, regular updates of Alisahs AI are planned - to keep security on high level. Elsewhere author uses this tool with his international democracy and freedom of people loving friends and colleagues... :-)

Q: Is professional version of Alisah bound to a PC with licence?

A: Yes, her professional versions cannot be copied and spread by an easy way..a further protection against criminal abuse.

Q: How does an encrypted file by Alisah looks like..?

A: Below a sample HC of Alisahs 1st native text encryption algorithm result...

Q: Is Alisah really 100% secure?

A: Well, I think nothing is 100% secure, it depends on how you use this powerful toolkit (Always OFFLINE (to avoid backdoor intrusion which e.g. is recording pressed keys etc.) if your write and encrypt messages / documents). If you use clever parameters additional, own developed C++ Add Ons in communication with your partners - I think limes -> 100%.
But at least - your enemies will have very very veryyyyyyyyyyyyy....... long time to find out, what you communicate...and if you change your comm., what Alisah allows every minute - your enemies could be possibly frustrated :-) in trying, to find out, what you communicate...

*) The functionality depends on the version / licence you got.

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    *) Delivered USB-Stick may differ from pic left...

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  • Demo videos

    Here you can see a lot of videos with the Alisah toolkit in action. From tutorials up to live demo of the 3 encryption modules...

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  • Licence Model

    Alisah is a professional toolkit which unfortuntaley can be used by criminal groups and worse too. Therefore only registered and approved users can get this toolkit. The intention of Alisah is, to keep freedom of communication available - without spy by companies, agencies etc. As registered user your data will be deleted after approvement of legal use and Alisah licence will be delivered... To get Alisah click here....

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