Developed Apps for Linux - Download Section


At some Linux Distributions the Java JDK has to be installed that the Apps are running.
At following Distros JDK has to be installed before : Linux Tails, Debian 10 Buster
Read at your Linux distros how to install Java.

All apps here are without warranty and for private use only. For commercial use please contact the author: Contact
With using one or more of these apps you confirm the terms of use...

At search engines as e.g. DuckDuckGo , Qwant or at following channels you find videos with hints about usage and installation:
Channels : Dailymotion , Alisah Channel , Linux Apps Channel

Application Release No./Date Status Version Download Link *)
*) for registered users
Alisah for Linux Release 3.5 / 09.02.2022 Release Enhanced Infiltration.
Free version for registered users
Password for Test is : alisahprotection
Alisah 3.5
Alisah for Linux Release 2.0 / 16.04.2020 Release Limited encryption capabilities / functions. Free version for testing
Password for Test is : protection
Alisah 2.0
Backup XX Release 0.9 / 19.06.2020 Beta Backup XX 0.9
New master upgrade
New functions:
As desired, ignores Access Denied Files / Folders and jumps over them. AbsoluteLayout.jar must be at /lib subfolder elsewhere it will not work
Backup XX
Backup XX Release 0.8 / 18.05.2020 Beta Backup XX 0.8
Upgrade from R 0.7 - First install R 0.7 then replace BackupXX.AppImage
New functions:
Configuration Files implemented, Backup error description with reason (e.g. Access denied, where)
Backup XX
Backup XX Release 0.7 / 01.02.2020 Beta Free Backup XX
Clam-AV GUI Release 0.7 / 03.10.2020 Beta / JDK 11 needed Clam AV GUI 0.7
Deep virus analsyis
Clam-AV GUI Release 0.4b / 13.06.2020 Beta / JDK 11 needed Clam AV GUI 0.4b
New design, Error 275 corrected
Clam-AV GUI Release 0.3 / 05.09.2019 Beta Free ClamAV GUI
Mint Calories Release 0.7 / 16.05.2020 Beta Free Mint Calories 0.7