Q: What is Ella?

A: Ella is a personal assistant with a Learning Engine which can control PCs, machines, write business letters etc. without programming a single line

Q: Without any single line of programming?

A: Yes, Ella learns with customizing - only if you want to control machines e.g. you need to write code e.g. to throw a roboter arm to left / right etc.

Q: Do you have samples of Ella in action?

A: Yes, here is a sample with her installed at a Windows Smartphone

Q: You write windows smartphone, at which OS does Ella work?

A: A ready version is developed with Microsoft Windows because Windows is market leader, but there is an additional Linux prototype too - if there is any demand this prototype could be finished

Q: Where can I download a sample of Ella?

A: There are no free samples of Ella available. To see her live you need to contact me for personal exchange

Q: Do you have a sample of Ella at a e.g. Laptop

A: Yes here is one...

Q: Which Windows release is needed

A: Windows 10 or Windows 11

Q: Can Ella recognize you

A: Yes, there is a prototype for face detection